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Multi Functional Silver Baby, Milk Bottle - Our Journey

The Benefits of Silver Baby Bottles

silver milk baby bottle plastic free

Silver gifts for babies are an important tradition in countries around the world. From spoons to egg cups, silver baby gifts are effortlessly elegant and long-lasting, making them perfect for Christenings, naming ceremonies, or other occasions welcoming a new born into the world.

But while there can be no debate about the beauty of silver christening gifts, the expense associated with silver can be off-putting. However, silver gifts offer a wide array of benefits to the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of your little ones.

The concept and vision behind our sterling silver baby bottle

baby bottle milk bottle  vision

Today we’re looking at the journey of how our sterling silver bottle was born and why it makes such an obvious choice for not just the discerning, but all the environmentally conscious and eco-friendly parents out there. 

Here at Royal Touch London, we’ve long been advocates of the importance of doing our part to help reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the impact we have on the world around us. 

That’s one of the reasons why we transitioned towards a plastic-free lifestyle with the introduction of our range of beautifully crafted silver baby gifts, our bottle being one of the jewels in our crown. And speaking of crowns, Prince Charles is a keen campaigner against the use of plastic in a bid to protect our future generations. 

plastic free

More and more consumer awareness is building about the dangers of plastic, not just to the environment, but also humans. That’s something we whole-heartedly support. 

It’s one of the reasons why we undertook research into alternative materials that would be better suited to a long-lasting and healthier alternative, specifically in the manufacture of baby products, and notably the production of our long awaited baby bottle.

The journey of discovery and development behind our silver baby bottle

The journey started around May 2018 so it’s been in development for a while. 

Finding a silverware designer here in the UK who could interpret and manufacture our vision to create a beautiful yet practical baby bottle initially proved problematic! 


plastic free baby bottleWe faced several challenges including a leaky design. But one thing we knew was that we absolutely didn’t want to compromise on quality.

So moving on to April 2019, after creating a bottle that weighed almost 1kg (bit like a baby weight training!!) we finally found a silversmith who understood our needs and those, more importantly of the end user - i.e. a baby! 

Fast track to 2020 and wham bam, the whole world was impacted by the pandemic. 

While we now, at last, had a prototype that could be lifted, we needed to revisit our designs and methods and try to replicate the quality we wanted, married with the necessary precision so that it would be leak proof. Combining modern with artisan methods, we finally got the balance right.

We’re happy to report our silver baby bottle has consistently remained leak-proof for the last 2 years and after rigorous quality control testing, we’re proud to launch this latest item to market.

An important note on sterilising and why it’s so important

no steriliser sterilizer required

Before we go on to discuss the many various benefits of silver baby bottles, and why our journey was worth the wait, let’s take a look at why sterilising is so important.


When it comes to sterilisers, you have a few choices including steam, microwave and electric baby sterilisers.  They all have their relative pros and cons.

But what about silver which is naturally antibiotic and antimicrobial? Is it still important to invest in a steriliser and why did we start sterilising in the first place?

Milk is the ideal baby food but it’s laden with bacteria!

glass of milk, milk bottle

Milk provides all the essential nutrients a baby needs but because it’s a live and organic product, it also contains bacteria which can upset a baby’s delicate tummy. Especially if traces of it are left on the non-silver elements of the feeding equipment. Here the germs are provided with the perfect breeding ground to multiply.

antibacterial milk baby bottle

Sterlising ensures that ALL potentially harmful bacteria is killed which makes it impossible for any germs to survive and upset your baby. That’s important because babies aren’t able to produce their own germ-fighting antibodies until they are at least six months old.

In fact, the NHS recommends sterlising bottles until your baby is at least 12 months old. It’s one of the reasons why a steriliser is one of the first items that any new mum and dad will invest in.

And while our silver baby bottles themselves do not require sterilising, the non-silver parts do so it’s still a purchase we strongly recommend you make.

The benefits of sterling silver baby bottles

From silver’s antibacterial properties to its environmentally friendly nature, silver baby gifts truly are worth every penny as we’ll outline below.

1. Bacteria-free, even without sterilising!

One of the best things about silver baby products is the fact that this metal is naturally antibiotic and antimicrobial. This means that it kills 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses within minutes, with no need for sterilisers or lengthy sterilisation processes.

In fact, silver has a long history of use in medical and personal care products thanks to its natural sterilisation properties. Even today, silver is regularly used in water filtration systems as it cleans and purifies any liquids it encounters.

We do need to highlight that, although our silver baby bottles don’t need sterilising, they do contain some plastic elements that do require sterilisation, including the teat and plastic screwheads. However, these elements do not touch any food and are made from the highest quality BPA-free materials.

2. Easy to maintain and clean.

Because silver is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial (even without sterilisers), it’s incredibly easy to clean! Simply soak your silver baby gifts in hot water for a few minutes and you’ll be left with clean, bacteria-free silverware without any hassle.

If your silver baby bottle is looking a little tarnished, you can do a deep-clean by rinsing it in warm water and dish soap, then placing it in a pot lined with aluminium foil (shiny side up). Slowly pour over hot water until the silverware is submerged, then mix in a little baking soda. The foil will absorb any tarnishes, leaving you with super-shiny, beautifully clean silver.

If you want, you could even polish silver baby gifts. However, it’s not recommended to use silver polish regularly on silver food containers for your infant. Baking soda and hot water will usually do this job without the risk of your little one digesting unwanted chemicals.

bpa bps free baby milk bottle

3. Non-toxic and free from BPAs, phthalates, and other nasty elements.

We know that some metals (for example, lead or mercury) are toxic for humans. However, silver is not one of these metals, and there are absolutely no elements of silver that can cause any harm to adults or babies! In fact, even if silver is accidentally consumed, it simply passes through the body without being absorbed into the tissues, so you know it’s incredibly safe.

This is a stark contrast to alternative baby feeding products, particularly items made from plastic.

These days, we’re becoming more aware of the risks associated with plastic, particularly when it comes to our diets and children. Many plastics contain harmful chemicals that can leach into our food or drink, causing problems from early puberty to some cancers. So, it’s vital that we ensure we’re only using premium baby products made from the safest materials.

immunity antibacterial milk baby bottle

4. Boosts immunity and retains freshness.

Not only is silver free from toxins, BPAs, phthalates, and other nasty elements that can cause problems for our infants, but this precious metal can actively boost the health and wellbeing of our babies.

It’s a common belief that small traces of silver mixed with baby food can boost immunity, help fight infections, and even treat cancer. Although there haven’t been sufficient scientific studies to call this a fact, there is evidence that silver baby gifts can offer a whole host of benefits to your little ones. Plus, it has been used in medicine for centuries in many cultures!

In addition to improving immunity, silver is also excellent for retaining the freshness of your food and drink. Historically, sailors would place silver coins in milk, water, and wine barrels to help preserve the freshness of these liquids. And, as we’ve already mentioned, many water filtration systems still utilise silver for its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties today.

This means that not only can silver baby bottles avoid the need for excessive sterilisation, but they can act like sterilisers, keeping baby formula, breastmilk, and other foods pure, clean, safe, and tasty for longer!

no sterilisation save time


5. No sterilisers and faster heat-up time get your baby fed faster!

Sterilisers can take up a considerable amount of time. And, as any new parent will know, time can often be of the essence when it comes to feeding little ones! By skipping the sterilising step without risking your infant’s health, you can be sure to have a clean and usable food container ready for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with less effort.

What’s more, because silver is such a great conductor of electricity, silver baby bottles can be warmed up faster than plastic or other baby bottle options. You’ll also find you have more control over the temperature of the food/milk, so you can ensure your baby gets the perfect temperature without the long waits… And with no concerns about microplastics or other nasty chemicals leaching into your baby’s diet!

baby toddler milk drinking bottle

6. Silver baby products grow and evolve with your little one.

There’s nothing worse than buying baby products that your little ones only use once or twice before they grow out of them. This is particularly vital when picking expensive keepsakes or Christening gifts. Silver baby bottles are a great option as they can last a lifetime (or longer) and are able to grow and evolve along with your baby.

With embossed measurements on the inside and outside of our silver baby bottles, it’s easy to measure out a variety of different food and drinks, even when your baby has moved on from milk.

Going forward, our silver baby bottles make beautiful food storage containers and even come with a food-grade silicone accessory. So, even when you no longer need a baby bottle, this silver gift will continue to be a valuable addition to the household.

silver christening investment gifts baby

7. Excellent investment.

When it comes to Christening gifts, silver has always been a popular choice. In addition to the wide range of benefits offered by silver, silver gifts are also excellent investments.

Over the last 20 years, the value of silver has increased by over 340%. This means that when you choose to give silver Christening gifts, you’re providing that child with an heirloom-quality item that will increase in value throughout their lifetime.

While historically upper-class children were known “to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth,” silver baby gifts really are the gift that keeps on giving. They’ll last a lifetime and become a valuable keepsake that appreciates with time.

eco friendly milk baby bottle

8. Long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

These days, “sustainability” has become a bit of a buzzword. But when it comes to silver baby gifts, sustainability is particularly evident.

In addition to increasing in value consistently over the last 20 years, silver is also a valuable investment thanks to its durability. In fact, around 80% of silver metal is still in use today. And over 70% of silver is derived from recycled sources. This means silver metals are never wasted and are sure to last throughout your child’s life and even beyond.

At Royal Touch London, we think of sustainability as more than a buzzword. It’s a lifestyle choice. And ensures that when we give silver Christening gifts, we’re giving more than just a product. We’re giving our children a better planet that they can enjoy for generations.

So, not only are our silver baby gifts made from 100% recyclable sources, but they’re also FSC Certified, Fairtrade suppliers. What’s more, we work closely with organisations like the World Wildlife Fund and Global Action Plan to ensure we’re truly giving everyone the greatest gift of all: a healthy planet.

Silver Christening gifts keep on giving.

christening silver gifts

If you’re looking for the best Christening gifts, silver is a timeless and traditional material that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Unlike plastic baby products, silver doesn’t contain any unpleasant materials that can leach into food/milk and cause our little one problems. Instead, it features a plethora of natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can help purify its content and may even offer benefits to a child’s immunity, circulation, and general wellbeing.

What’s more, silver gifts are sustainable in every sense of the word. They’ll easily last a lifetime, and a single silver Christening gift may even become an heirloom that’s passed down through the generations. And while it increases in value, silver gifts help protect the world for our children and grandchildren by helping to destroy the single-use market and being easy to recycle into new silver products that are sure to be cherished forever.