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Our Story

As people who care about environment in our daily lives, we always thought about how we could reduce our carbon footprint in our daily lives. We found some practical ways to reduce our footprint where possible to protect the environment. In the recent years finally, there have been more plastic free lifestyle campaigns and awareness in media which we are glad about. Environment policies were also mentioned in the recent Queen’s speech at Westminster  in October 2019 which shows the magnitude of the problem and need for a suitable environmental police. We were planning for a family and when we thought about feeding the baby in plastic bottle it really made us worry and led to exploring plastic alternative bottles.

We have been personally supporting environmental cause based charities like Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and have voiced our concerns to local politicians.

About Us


Royal Touch London

We believe in the treasure that can be found in the everyday – that’s why we select objects you’ll use, enjoy and appreciate daily and forever, without needing to dispose and replace. And because we believe in treasuring what is special, we donate a percentage of our profits to environmental charities seeking to protect our world.

Concept of Royal Touch & Modernism

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Plastic Free Packaging

About 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced since the 1950s. Only about 9% of this plastic has been recycled, 12% has been burned and the remaining 79% has ended up in landfills or the environment. We treasure the environment we live in so we chose to provide 100% free plastic free packaging.

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Our Attitude Towards Sustainability

Here at Royal Touch London, we strongly believe that it is our moral duty and obligation to help sustain the natural environment in which we all live. As such, we are very much committed to running a sustainable business and one which also minimises the impact we have on our planet.

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Treasure Everyday

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