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Baby Bottle FAQ

Baby Bottle Related

Does silver cause any harm?

Absolutely No! Silver ions from silver are good for health and there is lots of evidence that silver has been used since pre roman days to purify water. 

Is it safe to use Silver products for children?

Silver as a metal is known to have existed since 4000 BC. Read our blog on silver history. We strongly advise adult supervision at all times while using any of our products. We have taken utmost care in offering products that are only safe for everyone. Please refer to Product Care Section of our website.

What does BPA,BPS free mean?

A product that is BPA free is one that does not include a compound known as Bisphenol A as part of its overall construction. Until very recently, many plastic products, including baby bottles, storage containers, drink bottles and plastic cutlery all contained BPA. BPA is essentially a chemical that turns plastics clear in colour. In small quantities, it’s not harmful to the human body but it does have a significant impact on the environment.

Is Silver toxic?

Silver is a safe metal. Please refer to benefits of eating in silverware-external link.

What teat does the bottle come with?

You get standard 1 slow flow, 1 medium flow and 1 fast flow silicone teat with the baby bottle. Suitable for 0+ infants. If you have doubts please check with your health advisor/Midwife/GP/Doctor.

Where do we get replacement parts?

If you need any spares then please email for replacement parts.

What is the capacity of the bottle?

Maximum 240ml/8oz. Measurements may vary as the markings are manually embossed.Volume markings are hand embossed so slight variation is possible. We have made efforts to be as accurate as possible.

Do we need to sterilise the bottle?

No this is the biggest advantage of the silver baby bottle. Since silver is naturally anti bacterial there is no need to sterilise each and every time you feed the baby unlike any other bottle made from other materials such as plastic, glass etc. However please check and confirm with your health advisor/Mid wife/Doctor/GP. Plastic components, Teats, Silicone disc/lids have to be sterilised as you do normally.

Can the bottle be used for storing breast milk?

Absolutely! Each of the bottle will come with a silicon disc that can be used as a lid to store the precious breast milk. Our bottle is truly multi functional and can be repurposed once your child has grown.

Can we microwave the bottle?

Silver bottle is not microwave safe and also not oven safe. It may result in accidents, scalding and may cause serious wounds.

Can we wash the bottle with any soap?

We recommend hand washing silverware with mild, soapy detergents. Please read our Product Care section of our website and the product care leaflets that come with the bottle.

Does the food touch plastic components?

No the food will not come in contact at all with the plastic screw thread. Our aim is to enable people to benefit from silver. Due to Silver metal being a volatile, soft metal some components need to be reasonably heavy to fit with the main body made in Silver. In order to keep weights light and practical for everyday use, we use plastic components that are BPA,BPS free and completely safe for human use.

Can the bottle be kept in a fridge/freezer?

We advise not to store bottles in a freezer as the weld that holds the bottle together can permanently cause damage to bottle.

How do we get additional teats and screw threads if we need?

When you purchase a baby bottle we supply with 3 silicone teats (Slow, Medium, Fast flow), 1 silicone disc and 1 BPA free, recyclable plastic screwthread and transparent lid.However we may change the contents if required. If you need more please get in touch at

Why did we use plastic screw thread?

Due to challenges like bottle becoming heavier with a screw thread made from a metal and also there were chances of leaks with a metal screw thread so after several trial and error methods we decided to use plastic screw thread that is free from BPA, BPA as it makes the bottle less heavy and leak proof.

Shipping questions

How long does it take to deliver?

If you are based in UK Mainland we aim to deliver between 3-5 working days maximum if the item is in stock. For orders from outside UK, please refer to Delivery estimate dates at checkout page.

Is it possible to track shipments?

Yes once the goods are despatched you can track the parcel using a tracking reference no.that will be sent in an email

Do you deliver outside of UK including EU?

Yes we deliver outside of UK to all the countries where our shipping partners are able to deliver. We don't offer free shipping to countries outside of UK. Duties, taxes are payable by the customer. Please refer to our terms and conditions section of our website.

Do we need to pay custom duties, local taxes?

If you are within the UK you don't need to pay customs duties, taxes. If you reside outside of the UK then local taxes and custom duties may apply which need to be paid.

Returns questions

How will the refunds be issued?

Refunds will be issues to the payment card used when the purchase was made. It may take a few days before the money is credited to card or account.

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