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Sustainability is a core element of our business. We put sustainablity before profits as we truly care about the environment we live in. Royal Touch London treasures are packed in an eco friendly Racing Green Colour luxury gift box*. British Racing Green is one of the most iconic colors of the automotive world. Bentley, Buggatti, Aston Martin, Cooper, Vanwall, Lotus, BRM were successful in Formula One and Sports Car racing using green colour. The history of greens used by British Car manufacturers were revived in 2000’s by Jaguar. Racing Green has lot of historical significance for British racing teams.

Our packaging consists of paper that is 100% recylable, FSC certified, Vegan and Skin Friendly that is REACH compliant. White cardboards are 100% recyclable and our cotton pouches are not only responsibly sourced but ensure the workers get a fair price so we source only Fairtrade pouches that ensure a fair price is paid to workers in the supply chain.

Our custom designed gifts boxes are handcrafted in UK and all our packaging materials are sourced from UK suppliers. We treasure the environment we live in and avoid using plastics in any form in our packaging. We want to ensure our customers that a purchase made from our store wouldnt result in unecessary packaging and add to their carbon footprint. Due to these reasons our eco-friendly packaging wont have a gloss, shiny appeal unlike other luxury gift boxes.

We are passionate about promoting an eco friendly living through our lifestyle treasures. Our sustainable treasures are not only functional but are handcrafted using premium materials and precious metals that would last forever.

Our Blog page has more interesting content on sterling silverware, eco friendly living, healthy living, plastic pollution and so on.


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