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Product Care

Flatware Collection

All Royal Touch London flatware can be conveniently hand washed. If for some reason, it’s not possible to wash any of your silverware directly after use, then wipe away remnants of food with a paper towel and rinse in hot water to prevent prolonged contact with potentially acidic food and drink substances that may damage the silver. Eggs as well as caviar are notably foods not to be eaten from Silver. Foods containing heavy levels of salt, acid or sulphide can damage the finish.

Some Tips on Cleaning Silverware in the Dishwasher

Your Royal Touch Silverware products can be used in the dishwasher with a few caveats listed below although we highly recommend that you hand wash to retain the best quality results and enduring finish.

Always wash your Silverware by hand with a gently liquid detergent before first useWhen using the dishwasher, be sure to use traditional chlorine free powders and tabletsDo not use any products which contain lemon or citric acid as these will damage the metalIf using a water softening product, avoid washing your silverware during the initial cycleAlways carefully follow your specific dishwater instructions regarding water hardnessNever wash sterling silver flatware at the same time as stainless steel flatware as the electrolytic action can discolour the metals

Hand Washing your Silverware Items

We highly recommend that you clean your Royal Touch London treasures by hand. Please take care to follow these simple steps:

Use a soft non abrasive sponge with a mild soapy detergentDo not use any corrosive of abrasive productsNever allow Silverware to come into contact with bleachAlways thoroughly dry your objects promptly with a soft, dry cloth


Silverware can be stored in sulphur absorbing flannel material bag or silver cleaning cloth impregnated with anti-tarnish agents. Always ensure your silverware is stored in a dry condition.



Do not keep silverware, metal ware products in a microwave, oven and on any kind of stove to cook or heat.  We take utmost care in checking the quality of our products but some of our products may have sharp edges, we advise to handle them with care and children must always have adult supervision.






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